A Signature Project by One Earth

Nestled at the foot of the Flatirons in Boulder Colorado this project represents our most extensive work to date. We worked directly with the owner, architect, and general contractor as the project developed. This project involved many facets of design and landscape construction. Read more here...


Below are a mixture of before and after photos: (click for larger versions)

Sub-surface drainage, walls, steps, irrigation, planting, and coordination with other sub-contractors were included in our responsibilities. We also provided maintenance during construction, afterwards and presently with the new owners. We have worked eight years at this site. The project was extensive. The main house, two attached guest apartments and a separate caretakers house, each with their own particular potential and constraints. Each of the living units exterior spaces were carefully assessed. Drainage and topographic considerations combined with extensive site utilities presented the majority of the constraints. We combined the needs of the site with the desires of our clients to create the solutions we present here. Solutions which we hope you also think are beautiful.


Drainage was a large part of this project and became part and parcel of the houses foundation. The steep terrain in some areas over 45 degrees created unique challenges in controlling drainage to prevent erosion during construction and for the completed project. The house sits below a large drainage area of the Chautauqua meadow so drainage from above the house was directed with swales, to catch basins, through storm drainage pipes to detention cisterns to redistribute the water through sprinklers to recycle it.


Benches, and stairs were built into and became part of the retaining walls. Rocks and boulders excavated from the site were used throughout the wall construction Only forty percent of the rock used to build the twelve hundred face feet of walls were imported. To traverse the elevation change over a hundred steps were built!

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