Irrigation and Maintenance


We design and build state of the art underground irrigation systems that provide water for your plants and turf in an efficient water saving manner. We use cutting edge irrigation technology to save you money and water, such as ET controllers, rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, programmable timers, and drip irrigation. We also maintain and repair existing irrigation systems, perform spring turn start ups, system winterization and sprinkler blowouts.


The Boulder Denver area can be very dry. While native plantings and grasses are able to survive, others need a little help. Using a variety of products, including underground systems, large coverage sprinklers, micro-spray heads and drip emitters, our irrigation services can bring a brilliant planting environment and healthy lawn to your landscape.


If you don't like paying to have your system taken off line for the winter, our systems are easy to work with and we'll show you everything you need to know to winter service, start up, or inspection.

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